Pests That Threaten Your Home

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Some household pests in our environment can wreak havoc in your home. While some pests are just plain annoying, and do not damage to the homes structure. Other pests can destroy your home, and the homeowner needs to eliminate the parasite from the structure. Woodworms treatment is totally different from carpenter bee trap.  That brings the necessity to call a professional pest control company. The following creatures can certainly cost you some big money if the owner does not permanently remove them. The best way to eliminate these pests is by using an environmentally friendly method versus using chemicals that could cause complications with the homeowner or occupants. It is best to treat all creatures with respect, removing the pest to their outside natural environment.

Carpenter Ants

The Basics

The Carpenter Ant is among the largest of the ant family. These animals are black in color, although there are some Carpenter Ants that present a yellow or red color. These critters possess massive jaws and range in size up to 13mm. These ants reside inside a structure our outside, living in wooded areas where live and dead wood is moist. Some think that these ants eat wood; tearing down a structure when in fact these ants eat human food. Carpenter Ants naturally burrow through moist wood, cutting a path from their nests to outside. They will remove the wood and add it to their nests. Homeowners find that Carpenter Ants have immaculately structured nests. They especially like to eat meat, sweet foods, and other insects. Surprisingly, the Queen Ant can live past 20-years.

Damage Left by Carpenter Ants

If a homeowner notices some flying ants, this means that there is a colony of well-established Carpenter ant colony within the home. If there is any debris noticed from tunneling through the home’s wood structure, leaving shavings mixed with dead ants this is a good indication there are nests present. If the homeowner hears unusual sounds such as rustling sounds, this indicates that there are ants at work within the wood. It is rare to find that Carpenter Ants do any serious structural damage unless they are allowed a long residence, and then the damage could be severe.

Elimination of Carpenter Ants from the Home

carpenter antFirst the homeowner must find the nest and then remove the nest. The owner must repair any moist areas. It is advisable to call a professional to make sure safe removal of all nests are gone and that the homeowner does not get bitten by the ants. Chemicals can be used by the professional. However, it is better not to go this route.