The Basics

Termite_damageNothing can make a homeowner cringe, and then to hear they have termites in their home. Different from carpenter bee traps, termite treatment requires much more effort. ┬áTermites work in silent to do considerable damage to the home’s structure, and no one knows what is happening. There are five types of termites, and each one is just as destructive. Termites eat plants, trees, and wood. Because the termite has strong jaws, they can slowly rip apart wood material. Their one mm length causes a lot of damage. They feed upon and infect many things in the home as well, such as books, papers, furniture, the wood structure and more. A mature termite had wings and swarms around the windows and doors of structures and drawn to light sources. Some termites live in a subterranean atmosphere or below ground, slowly gnawing away at the structure and making tunnels from the work area to the nesting area.

Damages by Termites

Unless the homeowner eliminates termites from the home through efficient means, this insect can rip apart a home’s structure and eventually cause untold damage. If the homeowner notices sawdust anywhere in the home, contact a professional right away to determine if there is a termite infestation. It is important to rid the home of these pests as soon as possible and time cannot wait. Every minute these pests continue to do an incredible amount of damage.

Treatment for Termites

termite treatmentTermites are a significant threat to homeowners, so the owner must be vigilant and make sure their structure is free from these pests. It is the small things that the homeowner can do to eliminate and make sure their home is termite-free. Repair any moist areas. Repair leaking faucets and water pipes. Make sure that water does not accumulate around the foundation of the home.

Make sure the outside of your home has no excessive wood or mulch near the foundation. Never let water stand upon the roof of the structure. Seal up any outside openings into the home such as around pipes and utility lines. Get rid of stumps sitting near the home’s foundation. Call in a professional at intervals for a termite inspection of the home.
The only way to rid a home of termites is to kill the pests with an environmentally friendly solution of Orange Oil. This oil also protects the areas from further infestations. Another treatment is using liquid nitrogen or heat.